Data Sharing Requesting data RDSRC procedure and deadlines

The Research and Data Sharing Review Committee (RDSRC) is the committee that reviews proposals outside the scope of the pre-approved uses of the PPP data.

The committee includes members from all partners included in the PPP collaboration and an independent ethical expert. The RDSRC will review the scientific merits and ethical aspects of such request in good faith. Part of the review is the assessment of the ability of the applicant to implement and maintain the safeguards and use the study data in accordance with the regulations as stated in the PPP data use agreement. Moreover, they will ensure that the proposed research falls within the scope and informed consent of the associated studies.

The committee meets up to four times per year. Please notify the Research Support office timely if you plan to submit a proposal to the RDSRC, as there is a limit to the number of proposals that can be discussed in a meeting.

Deadlines for proposal submission for an RDSRC meeting:

  • Submission of proposal for internal check at Research Support office: four weeks before the meeting
  • Submission of final proposal: two weeks before the meeting
  • RDSRC meeting
  • Decisions by the RDSRC will be shared by email within two weeks after the meeting

Please check the News section for upcoming deadlines.